English Club: Join us!


English Takes You Everywhere”


Support and encourage each other as learners.

 Requisites of Admission:

  • Be a student from 7th -12th
  • Have a desire to improve your oral expression in English
  • Dynamic
  • Willing to work in public


  • Promote the English language which will serve as a creative and expressive outlet for students with similar interests.
  • Help the student body reach use of the English language, by participating in academic or recreational activities.
  • Reinforce the basic language skills, assisting English teachers.
  • Establish activities during the year that serve as a stimulant, in using the correct form of the language.


  • Engage leadership roles
  • organize activities
  • serve as mentors or tutors.

Activities Calendar: 

  • English Week: January
  • Tutoring program throughout the school year.
  • Spelling Bee
  • Grammar competitions